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Sunday, September 28, 2003
amazing! i just added 2 new pple on friendster...and suddenly my people network ( meaning the pple i'm connected to, through my friends) went up from 414 to 2100 plus... can u imagine if all the pple i sent the invitations to, actually accept it...i would be connected with probably more than 10,000 pple...
anyway, friendster... i'm only using it, coz i just want to see how small the world is...but still there's no harm meeting new pple...that is if ur friends introduce u to someone... at the rate i'm going... i'll find a new friend...in say a 100 years time... hahaha...singapore is still in the shy conservative stage, u won't find pple suddenly just asking to be friends with u, unless they have the guts or they are really despo.
the finalised seating plans for seniors nite are ready... i'm saying it again for plain fun... "good job! kevin" ... everyone in class should be agreeable with it... so that's great news...no more disputes in class, everyone's happy and seniors nite will be a bash!
i'm in such a chirpy mood right now... hahaha must be the music i'm playing now... and its 1 am on a sunday morning... that buble guy, can really sing... his voice is super soothing its like half frank sinatra and someone else... he's going to have a great future... and i think i'll go buy his album, instead of illegaly d/ling it.
i was just making some changes to my study plan... and i realised that the exams would soon be over... freedom for a few months is approaching... ok i got an announcement to make....

anyone want to follow me to perth for a 4 day holiday??? just pay for air fare and everything else is included... food, lodging...
actually i just want some company, my parents will probably go play golf there, while i find something else to do... and i'm hoping my childhood friends are joining us as well, then it will be fun fun fun!
i did invite clara, but she's going to japan to check oout her aunts place... if she likes it there, she'll go back again..and i'm invited to follow...so japan here i come! too bad its not during the cold period.

The lighting was just right at 1:13:00 am

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