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Monday, September 29, 2003
just realised..quite a number of pple visit my blog...some even leavning msgs, to compliment the layout... thanks!
i was watching bbc about 2 hours ago...there was a really interesting documentary on evolution... its funny how humans come up with this evolution stuff... hahaha according to them we have evolved from fish..and we human beings are linked to all types of animals, and therefore we are called tetrapods...because we all have a spine, five fingers on each hand, 2 legs 2 hands (includes snakes) ... did u know whales had 5 so called fingers on each fin... intresting heh... they then went on about creationist...pple who believe in the bible and how we humans were created ( that means me as well ) , saying the theory is all wrong..and that we were all created in one form... then there's the evolutionist who argue back by finding evidence... on 22 dec 1933 in south africa, a lady spots this funny looking fish, big, blue, large eyes..fins that look like web feet... turns out, its was supposed to be extinct for over 67 million years...guess she was lucky... they called it a miracle...they believed that this fish was the link between us and fish...this scientist thought it was suppose to walk on the sea floor...to prove his hypothesis he had to go find a live specimen...he found one many years later, but hahaha..it swims and not walk..so poor guy... but still interesting.

The lighting was just right at 12:16:00 am

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