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Tuesday, October 21, 2003
i went back to school today, for econs and maths... i stayed up to 2 the night before to do the econs essays, and madam said they were too short, so i have to redo them... which i'm not. later there was maths, some pple didn't turn up for it, they happily zhaoed school. well they missed out on a perfectly good maths lesson, its the best maths lesson i've had so far in my jc life, for once i was really listening and i learnt lots of new stuff, what a productive lesson, i'm definately not going to let myself miss another of keith tans lesson, he's just too good a teacher and i'm glad he took over our class, his lessons are really effective! it got be interested in my favourite subject all over again... after the lesson, i was just so eager to ask him questions that i had practised earlier before, i didnt in the end because some pple!!! dragged me out of class... well luckily there's another lesson on thursday... and i don't regret quiting maths tuition last minute!
besides having a great day of school today, i finally collected the photos i ordered from clara, aidi and jia... 3 different cameras, paper and photoshop... jia had the best quality photos overall sharp, really sharp! i'm very happy with the photos, i even ordered more from mich, mich's photos are really very nice... super duper nice, i can't wait to get them. after the As i'm going to get a really big photo album (probably those types where u place them on the page and cover it with a thin piece of translucent paper) i'm going to compile all my photos, starting with my nursery photos and ending with the jc ones, kinda like a pictorial journal of my days in school... and i'll slot in stuff like the " mg founders day dinner menu 2001", "postcard from valentines day", "a copy of the song we sec4s sang for founders day dinner... mg girl ( uptown girl melody)"... and all the other junk which hold my memories....
since i feel like typing, i'll put the lyrics for 'mg girl'...its quite lame and funny...so enjoy! mg friends, hopefully they'll bring back memories!


MG girls

We've had so many happy moments here

And we've gained so many friends these years

Never thought we'd ever find them here

I've livd my life as an MG girl

7.20 but my works not done

Looks like there goes another recess time

I miss my food so i want to cry (Boo-Hoo)


But when we look, back in time

All those years of joy

You'll find out why it's so hard to say goodbye

That's why we don't want to go

But we know we'll miss you so

verse 2

MG girls

They've yet to go out with the Hwa Chong guys

It's always been AC (I)

Morning, afternoon blue and white (not 'cheenafied')

Prefects here, hide your handphones, pagers, MDs too

Quick hinde your food

Cos they're here


We'll kena book

sing chorus

verse 3

MG girls

You know we need to thank our teachers too

For all the white hairs we have given you

For all the care that you have bathed us in

We love you all

One last one

We'd like to thank just one more guy

Who's been with us all through these years

God Bless you all

sing chorus

I'm an MG Girl

Yes you know i can't deny

I'm an MG girl

The lighting was just right at 11:55:00 pm

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