Daisy Cheng
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Wednesday, October 01, 2003
i'm not terribly sure but i probably got a few more pple from sch reading my blog... my mistake, my carelessness... i forgot to delete the internet history on the library comp... and i only realised it 10 hours later.
i've only joined friendster for less than a week and i'm having fun catching up with some friends, some i've not spoken to for a long time... i've even managed to find pple who i least thought of adding, but adding them eventually... from one friend to 16 and a few more to add. and all my friends are all so nice, leaving me nice testimonials, some even making me laugh... and seeing new messages pop out of now where, just excites me because through this form of communication will i then be able to get to know them better and catch up on old times....haha friendster is my friend!

WARNING to mich and aidi: don't u dare turn my testimonial board to a chat board...one more entry and i'll reject it! hehe

The lighting was just right at 1:06:00 am

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