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Friday, October 31, 2003
its halloween today... and about a few hours ago, there were kids knocking on the door, and the door bell just didn't stop ringing. where i live, most of my neighbours are angmohs... haha so there were quite a number of kids. my mom forgot to buy candy and stuff... so we pretended that we weren't at home. at first she was in a panic, asked me if i had anything to give... hahaha, well i happened to buy marshmellows today from tanglin mall...i just felt like eating marshmellows... anyway coming back to halloween, the kids outside stopped the banging and my family and i were saved! singaporeans hardly celebrate halloween, but there was once i did participate...i think it was when i was pri5... my classmate was having a halloween party, and i dressed up as frankenstein, why? because that was the only halloween kit that my dad found when he went to the US... yup so my face was covered dirty green..and i had those nobs at the side of my face, just like frankenstein... got to the party, and i think i was overpainted and overdressed...hahaha... i wish i had gone as a witch or something else more feminine, maybe frankensteins wife, with the ziggy zaggy white highlights at the side.
anyways ... i think the other day i was really stressed out so i had a really negative attitude...but today, hmmm...i'm in a positive mood, and i've been telling myself that "i can do it!"...jumping topic...todays sky was so blue! reminded me of the sky gazing we did back in mg... predicting the weather forecast and just admiring the clouds and bluish sky... it was hot today, but i really enjoyed the blue!

The lighting was just right at 11:31:00 pm

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