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Friday, October 03, 2003
maths overdose

symptoms/signs: uncontrolable laughter, weak eye lids, blank stares at a piece of paper, weird noises, restlessness, walking around in circles, talking to oneself, scratching of headetc.

cure: stop maths immediately

prevention: sweets, preferably mentos mint, pop one into mouth every 10 minutes, do not take more as prescribed, may cause sugar rush and lead to hyper activity.

this was basically how half the class today felt, the other half chose to skip the maths test... what smart pple! today's test was dreadful,tiring and a waste of time. the only thing i found beneficial was the prep talk mr tan gave us today... he's so much more encouraging than lim pei joo... he told us that being in sg4, we shouldn't feel inferior to the other classses, he even mentioned scolding the other classes, telling them to follow our sg4 example, to be hardworking ( i wonder where he got that from, since when have we been hardworking excluding the exceptional few)

another piece of news, my mg principal has come down with dengue fever... hope she gets better, she's got to stay strong and continue to lead mg.

geez! i'm sick talking about school... i really lead such a boring life, hope after A's there will be some excitement, especially when christmas comes! ( hahaha)... one more week before school officially ends, i just want to say that i'm really glad to have been in a class like sg4, there may be times where we didn't get along and times when pple just hated each other... but really, its indeed nice to see sg4 laugh together, like the times james farted, the times charlotte face went red (oops i just gave her my url), seeing carin fight back, clara doing blur blur stuff ( hope she knows what a url is now), aidi chasing pple to take photos, guodong being ermm funny, the guys playing chatek at the back of the classroom, when carin was in defence and attack mode, jiamin in crazy mode, derek saying sweet stuff to mdm, the stripping during b'days...and many more... that i'm sure i'll never forget. sg4 has had a lasting impression in my life, they always said that u'll never find true friends in jc, but i think that's a lie, i've met some great pple in jc and a few who are truly wonderful friends, those that u'll keep for life... i'll really miss u guys!!!

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