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Thursday, October 09, 2003
"time passes more quickly as u age"... that's what someone told me a long time ago, and i think its so very true. lets see i've been in ac for about 2 years now, and it was just like yesterday when i first stepped into this school (by myself!) to collect the appeal form which was successful (phew!). my first official day in school and i just had to get a scolding from wilson for being blur. i also remember walking to the sports com, having no idea where the badminton hall was while trying to search for the OG groups. tomorrows the last day of school, my last day in ac, the day where my school days of wearing a uniform will come to an end... in total i've worn 2 different uniforms, the mg uni and the ac uni...and i'm proud to have been part of both schools... its kinda like a family tradition, moving on to an ac education from an mg one ( for guys its a different story...but too bad mr lee hah ing had to have 9 grand daughters, and me being the youngest) ... so this family has been part of the ac family for 3 generations...and i'm ending the 3rd tomorrow... so sad, it feels like 'the end' . i really have lots of stuff in my mind right now, but i'm just too ahem! " lazy" to blog.

i'll probably just blabber on about what i've been wasting my time with.... study ( a little bit) , coming up with a design for the class tshirt/ jacket (which i enjoyed doing) and listening to the radio and music that i d/l...ain't life a bore when exams are around the corner!

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