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Thursday, October 02, 2003
what's the use of stopping our school term on the 10th, when we still have to come back for extra lessons...because we are so called weak! isn't the purpose of ending school early in the month, suppose to be beneficial, as in we're suppose to catch up on revision...wha'ts the POINT! i'm won't (i'll never ever) give 100% attention..that's for sure! so school sucks!
and today's just not my day... i was grumpy most of the day, coz i received bad new, the maths test which was to be on sat has been brought forward to tmr...arghhhh! and i was planning to skip school tmr... damn it! nvm i'll just skip school twice next week! problem solved. today we also had the stupid gp mock test/exam... it was held in the bloody cold lt1... speaking of lt's ... i decided to pay a visit to lt4 today... with marie ( my fellow companion when i took the now infamous photo) ... the place was locked, so marie and i, feeling shaken, ran back to class! later took some really nice black and white photos of the school hallway and stuff...marie was cautioning me not to go to near dark places or any place that looked spooky... we were just scared that we might again take a photo of ahem ( u pple know what) ... another scary thing happened while walking towards sch from the back gate... the 27th council painted an exact replica of the old smiley on the road... scared me! i mean its such a coincidence and all in the same week... spooky stuff heh!

The lighting was just right at 11:45:00 pm

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