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Sunday, October 12, 2003
yesterday after lunch at tanglin mall, i popped by to 'that cd shop' and finally got myself to buy maksim's and michael buble's cds... both are good at what they do. heard from kevin last week that maksim was having a private performance... ahhhh shucks! maksin just had to come at the most crucial time of my life... i could take time off to go watch him, but i think i've taken too much time off already and i don't wanna waste anymore time... i still wished i could go though, it would be a great experience to watch a pianist like maksim play... from his work, i can here him putting lots of passion and gusto into his music... he plays the piano so well and i'm sure he doesn't get tired coz he's so use to playing at such speeds. looks like i have to be contented with his cd. and for buble, i like his voice... and the songs he's been singing... one of m favourites happens to be in his album... "fever!" ... however i think man are not too cut out to sing that song, its more of a womens song... but its still nice to listen too...and there's 'what a wonderful world' (not in the album)... u can cry to that song! i know there's no direct connection but, when i hear that song, i'll think of the movie 'born free'... ah sad movie!
notice lately i've been talking about sad stuff, i think i'm going to promise myself not to talk about crying, being sad and all... i'm irritating myself and probably u readers... and steph = :) not :( .. so once again, i'm talking crap! nitez

The lighting was just right at 12:45:00 am

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