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Friday, October 10, 2003
yup today was the last day of school life... the service today was emotional as well as saddening for some... there was worship and singing of praises, some songs were really touching that they made me cry... i didn't cry as much as i expected because during the period of the service i was thinking back to the happy moments the class had together... so it made me smile and made me realise that i'll never forget the people i've once shared my happiness with...
after the service everyone was rushing down to the painted smiley to capture a part of acjc... that included our class, i thinked we hogged the smiley for quite a long period that some classes were beginning to complain... but i really enjoyed taking photos with my friends... pratically everyone brought a camera... so u can imagine how long we had to hold our smiles when taking a group photo. i also manaed to take a few photos with my favourite laoshi... y is he so funny! he had to move at the wrong time... go check out my photo album, its really funny! i also had the opportunity to take photos with shih, tsuei man and chiu yen.. 3 of whom have been my good mg friends...hope to keep in touch with them after the A's ...friendships like these are important and should always be kept!
to add, today also marks the day when clara and i will no longer be in the same school... this girl has been in the same school as me since ...hahaha nursery... long isn't it, but good things must come to an end...next year she'll be staying in singapore to study while i will probably go abroad (uni of mich hopefully)... sigh... my life will never be the same without my classmates... i'll miss ya guys!

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