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Friday, November 14, 2003
celebrated my parents wedding anniversary today... went to patara for thai tonight... mom was late as she was held up by traffic so dad and i just talked about the australian and singapore currencies... its around S$1.23 for one australian dollar right now, compared to S$0.90 to one A$ a few years ago... China needs minerals and resources from australia, therefore australias exports have risen causing their dollar to appreciate againts ours... i find anything to do with exchange rates, interest rates and share prices so fascinating... that's probably why i hate microecons compared to my liking for macroecons...its just so much more interesting and you get to see how the economy is connected altogether. my dad knows lots about the economic world... he sits down with tan.chin.tuans economist every week looking at figures, stock prices..etc. while waiting for mom, i asked him what a life of a stock broker was like, because there was once i wanted to go into that line... oh well, at that point it seemed like something i would enjoy, but i don't know. dad also asked if i had no choice but to land up in australia, would i choose his adelaide or melbourne... my answer was quick, i said melbourne... adelaide is just too quiet for me, its suppose to be good campus life there but i think i'd prefer melbourne some how.
about dinner, my mom arrived we ordered our food... crabs!!! hahaha my mom was trying to crack this claw, a piece of the shell went flying...hahaha embarrassing but funny, had a great time though.

this afternoon i was just pissed off by someone, someone i regard as a close friend, to that person:
i know u didn't mention my name, but it wasn't very funny..its no laughing matter and even if u didn't mean to hurt me u could have consulted me first... i forgive u, because i believe in forgiveness, my grandma always told me to forgive and forget and therefore i'm setting her example... and even if my name was not mentioned did u even give a thought that that person might ask for my name... i mean its natural for another to ask for a name, and u should know that! i was pissed at u today, because firstly u made me feel like a joke, u weren't sensitive to how i would feel and u took the matter and the consequences to lightly and if i'm not wrong, u could have made my disadvantage to ur advantage... and i hate that in friends, using pple for ur own gain... if i'm wrong about that, then i'm sorry but knowing ur character it was just a thought. so never take friendship as just something u can just throw around and i'm not someone u can take full advantage of...u have many times played pranks on me, but thats fine, i don't mind because i've gotten used to it... but i do have a tolerance level just like everyone else and in this case u have gone too far... i talked to clara about it, and at one point i nearly wanted to break down because i take my friendships very seriously and i believe i've shared some of my greatest times in ac with u, talking crap and more crap... so if u think what i've written down is too much for u to accept than by all means be that way... but i still welcome an apoligy. think about it .

nope i didn't get soap into my eye, but the whole eye irritation thing started while starting on my stats section of maths paper2... guess i'm allergic to stats. and yup i play the piano but not very well, i just play it to relief stress and for fun! haha well go take up the piano soon yeah!

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