Daisy Cheng
Photographers are recorder keepers for God.
Saturday, November 22, 2003
i'm sad that australia lost! but wilkinson is so cool... did u all see that last kick...WAY COOL! wah he's so shen! i think i just became an instant fan! but i really admire rogers and flately (did i spell that right) too... hmmm todays game was really good, tough match and a lot of adrenaline for both the players and the fans! but it was one exciting game, i think the best i've seen!
oh YAY! I GOT MY DRESS or u could call it a 2 piece gown... i'm so happy, it was nothing i'd had expected to buy but it was a mix and match by my mom... just love it! bought shoes too and i've got my bag all prepared... so looks like no worries for seniors nite.

The lighting was just right at 8:13:00 pm

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