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Saturday, November 15, 2003
i'm sleepy and i'm tired so i hope this will be short...

this morning i went to queestown library with clara and her brother colin... clara and i had to study for chem while colin had to do his holiday homework. colin's from chinese high, boy! do they give lots of homework. we studied up to 12, when we all started getting hungry and headed down to the nearby hawker centre for lunch... yummy! food was great... the funniest thing happened when colin dropped a fishball...hahaha like sister like brother (clara dropped an olive the last time and it rolled all the way to the seat next to her) ! we ate till we were full, colin not counted because he has a very high metabolism...i mean he's 1.93m tall and he's only sec3..hahaha
k so after lunch we went back to the library, by 2 we were all about to fall asleep... so we bought candy and had a feast of fruitella, that sour plum sweet, gobstoppers, horlicks sweet and recola. then kevin came soon after, he cannot take sour plum sweets! serious! hahaha got to be one of the funniest reactions to a not- so- very-sour sweet...goodness he started to tremble, face turned red, and his arm was just hahaha... after popping in a green apple sweet everything started to come back to place....then the sky turned dark, so we decided to pack early and go to claras house... after much persuasion and countless times preventing kevin from taking a cab, we took a bus instead..
today wasn't my dad... darn it! on the way to the bus stop, my nike sandals broke... i couldn't walk properly and all 3 were just staring at my loose sandal while i hobbled to the bustop... wasn't funny! when we reached farrer court, i tripped over a flight of steps while trying to rush myself to catch the intro of the rugby worldcup...decided to walk barefoot...sorry run barefoot, and i just had to step on a small stone, ouch! so i walked on the grass instead... but at the end i managed to wash my feet at claras place... really not my day!
i stayed over at claras place for dinner as well study... on the first floor of her building there's this study room, real convenient for everyone, its quiet and there's even a toilet next door...yeah so we both went down and i was greeted by a familiar face, AMENDA TAN!!! hahahahaha my junior in mg, she's taking her Os this year... and she is someone who can laugh non-stop and for no reason at all... oh well she thinks that my voice has changed...haha and i think she looks the same...hahaha... i didnt' get to study much because i was amused by amenda, i observed her for a minute, and noted that she laughed at 10 second intervals... hahaha super funny this junior of mine! then later all that laughing and not studying claras dad gave me a lift home, passed by tanglin and saw the christmas lights... this year looks really bright, but i must say not as spectacular as the years before...yes yes so thats about how my day went today...and i'm sleepy! nitey nitez!

The lighting was just right at 11:36:00 pm

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