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Tuesday, November 11, 2003
what do i think of gp? this years paper is so hard.. essay was alright, finished on time, the essay was balanced i think...comphre, i don't even know what the questions are asking for, the only sections that were easy, were the summary and the AE (my favourite)... the topic, animal rights! animals don't have emotions, feelings...blah blah blah... i disagreed with the view...
chem? easier than i expected..i would give it an OK lah! but i made a stupid careless mistake, darn it! what reacts with tollens reagent and fehlings solution? i said ketone, when i knew it was aldehyde... i even told marie that just before the paper started... i wasn't in the right frame of mind.. the air-con was too cold... and it was raining... now i've come down with a bad cold and a possible fever... tmr is maths paper 2... i'm looking forward to it... how i feel about tmrs paper will determine whether i think i can get an A.... at first i tot a C in maths was fine, then later a B... but now i really want that A!!! i don't deserve it, but i want it... so i hope everything goes well tmr, if not paper 1 can help pull my grades up, that is if my answers are accurate... i certainly hope so, anyway there were many proving questions...so paper1 i just loved it!

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