Daisy Cheng
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Friday, December 19, 2003
had a really fun day today... i went wakeboarding with clara, marie, kevin, carin,charlotte and trudy... super fun! its like my fourth time doing this, but having not wakeboarded for more than 2 years... it took some warming up before i could get up, but all in all it was really thrilling. i'm now acheing terribly, i did expect it but owww! anyway the weather was really good today, lots of clouds but it didn't rain... lots of boats at sea (hey alwyn, i saw the police coast guard patrolling the waters... actually they were following this boat with bikini babes on it, hahaha)

anyways, yesterday was just as nice... i watched LOTR... MAN! was that a good ending to the trilogy... i don't mind watching it again! the theatre was full, but that was also expected being opening day and all... oh yah i finally collected my digi photos from the shop...i paid $60 for 203 photos... was quite happy with them though, sharp and the colour was rich.

The lighting was just right at 5:05:00 pm

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