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Sunday, December 21, 2003
i normally don't wake up so late in the morning but today i woke up at 11ts real late by my stanards.. usually i wake up at 830 even thoiugh i'm not a morning person.

well i spent the whole afternoon watching tv and surfing the net for my SAT scores... i improved by 40 points but... i'm going to try raise my score by 100 the next time i take it... yeah and i'm quite set to applying to the university of michigan ann arbour..i've got a cousin there and by the looks of it she's enjoying herself...playng table tennis for the university... i'm suppose to go back to michigan with her in january, just for a visit.. my aunt says that it makes a difference in my application, if i visit.. so i better make an appointment or something..

went to centro tonight, boring! music was horrible and i had to wait outside for more thatn an hour to get in... my saturday was just wasted! later took a cab to boat quay... bought drinks and got a little high, but clara couldn'y take the alchohol because her face was red after a few sips of vodka lime form the club... now i'm in kevins new place... my ifrst time away from home blogging... and claras helping carin with her new contacts.. they just can't come out! she can't open her eyes... what time is it? its 5 minutes to 3. so late!

The lighting was just right at 3:00:00 am

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