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Wednesday, December 31, 2003
a lot of things to be YAY! about... first my ipod works! coldplay is playing on it now...WOHOO! hahaha

second... i'm now a student of bukit batok driving school... do u know they are so efficient... in total it took less than 30 minutes.. to fill up the form, take my eye test, go for a briefing and pay the enrollment fee..and i can finish all 4 theory lessons within one day! they are pretty fast!

and i'm now a member of CDANS...hahaha they gave me a goodie bag.

tonight i'm also having a steamboat dinner with my lee side of the family, later i'll be watching a movie with clara and her bro... so my day is packed...

and i'm slow.. i didn't know anita mui passed away... i didn't even know she was having cancer...only until this morning when i browsing through life! for the theatre schedule. its so sad, she died... what a lost!

The lighting was just right at 5:34:00 pm

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