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Monday, December 29, 2003
to jia: i want to watch!!!! righty then, we'll watch it on the 5th!!!! can't wait!

i'm sucky when it comes to movies which involve some sort of sad ending... i just watched 'deep impact' (one of the dvds i bought a few years back which got all dusty) yesterday... my mom joined me at the last 30 minutes of the movie... 10 mintues before the impact... she was laughing at me, because i was crying... i was, really... i think i used up 3 pieces of tissue paper or something... gahh! that movie involves lots of sacrifice but its kinda unrealistic for now.

tonights dinner was ooohhhh so yummy... had my b'day dinner at this cantonese restaurent, which i've not been for more than a year... really missed the food there... yeah so i was happy! ermmm then on the way back i got my grandparents to teach me hokkien... hahaha, funny right! i can't even speak fluent mandarin and here i am trying to learn hokkien. back in the car, i felt really loved by my grandparents...they're always worrying about me, i get extra hongbaos and worries because i'm their youngest grandchild... and my mom keeps asking me if my grandma gave me a hongbao for christmas.. so irritating... not that i don't want it... but i can't be borderd really!

and i've yet to finish reading the 'how to do everything with dreamweaver mx book' ..i borrowed 3 the other using joyce's ic... why not my own ic...hahaha
number1: i lost my library card 2 times
number2: its reported lost, but i've not gotten a new one
number3: i've got myself a heavy fine awaiting me
number4: i've got heavy fines because i return my books late or don't return them at all ( includes the book i borrowed in pri1 from the sch lib which one of my younger cousins has now) sshhhh!
number5: i don't dare go to the reception for a new one, i'm afraid they'll get me while i'm in front of them
number6: i'm just lazy!

hahaha so now everyone knows... but i'll definately return these 3 books, i'll probably get them renewed or use my moms card to reborrow them... and i'll also probably never ever have a library card. sad.

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