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Sunday, January 18, 2004
another conversation i had with jiamin:

j i a m i n: eh i think the town house sounds good

j i a m i n: to me la.. i would prefer that kinda of life...

j i a m i n: rules sux.. and sharing tv.. thats wrong.. cos i love to channel surf

j i a m i n: haha

s t e p h: j i a m i n hehehe i shall tell my father that... he thinks the residential college would be fun... coz he resided at the same place 40 years back... but that was many years ago and things change..plus we have to go for interview before we can be given a place

j i a m i n: yah yah.. i know.. cos they do not want bad influence.. cos i think some of the pple there are young..

s t e p h: i guess so... but me and mich are angels (A)

j i a m i n: but they dont know that what... shit did i just agree to that statement

j i a m i n : haha

s t e p h : YES! HAHA

The lighting was just right at 9:25:00 pm

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