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Saturday, January 31, 2004
a chicken is a chook. a cuppa is a cup of coffee. a milkbar is a sandwich bar. bludgers are lazy people. ta means thank you and in australia men fart while women fluff. things i learnt from this morning's talk by idp. expectaions of australia.

more i found on the net:

Meaning: being aggravated, upset about something
Example: Take it easy, you don't have to get aggro.

Meaning: someone is not trying hard enough and you want them to.
Example: Av-a-go-yer-mug. It really easy to do.

Away with the pixies
Meaning: dreaming.
Example: She's not listening. She's in love and away with the pixies.

Belt up!
Meaning: you are asked stop talking, be quite, in a angry way.
Example: Oh! Belt up. You're getting me mad.

Bonzer mate!
Meaning: that's great friend.
Example: That's bonzer mate. I'm happy for you.

Crack a tinnie
Meaning: open a can of cold beer
Example: Come over to my place and we'll crack a tinnie.

Doing your block
Meaning: you are getting very angry, losing your head.
Example: Peter is out doing his block 'cause his wife pranged the car.

Don't get your knickers in a knot
Meaning: Don't upset yourself.
Example: Don't get your knickers in a knot. She'll be right, mate.

Fair crack of the whip!
Meaning: give me a fair go.
Example: Fair crack of the whip! I only just started.

Fair dinkum
Meaning: someone really genuine.
Example: Peter is fair dinkumm. You can trust him.

Fair-go mate!
Meaning: what you say when someone is not letting you do or say something.
Example: Fair go mate. I know I can do it.

Fair suck of the sav
Meaning: statement you make when someone is not letting you do or say something.
Example: Fair suck of the sav, mate. How about shutting up and listening.

Flat chat or flat out
Meaning: going very fast what ever they're doing.
Example: He is going flat chat and he'll be finished in half the time.

Ga day Cobber
Meaning: welcome close friend.
Example: Ga day cobber. What have you been up to?

Go and have a cuppa
Meaning: have cup of tea or coffee.
Example: Go and have a cuppa and I will be there soon.

Go and tart yourself up
Meaning: Please dress in your best clothes
Example: Go and tart yourself up we're going out to dinner.

Going to the dunny
Meaning: off to the toilet.
Example: Mate you have to wait. I got to go to the dunny.

He's got a goog
Meaning: he's got a bump as big as an egg.
Example: He was in a fight and he got a goog on his head.

Full as a goog
Meaning: drunk or eaten to the excess.
Example: That was a great meal. I am full as a goog.

Having a blue
Meaning: having a fight or argument.
Example: Listen! Can you hear next door having a blue with her old man.

Have a naughty
Meaning: sexual intercourse.
Example: Sorry I'm late. I had a quick naughty with the misses.

He's got tickets on himself
Meaning: highly self opinionated, thinks they are just great
Example: Don't take any notice of him. He's got tickets on himself.

Meaning: an expression of surprise.
Example: Holy-dooly! That was hot.

I got the wog
Meaning: a cold, flu or virus
Example: I can't go to school because I got the wog.

I will job you!
Meaning: I will hit you or punch you.
Example: If you don't leave me alone I'll job you.

I'm nackered
Meaning: absolutely exhausted or very tired.
Example: It was a tough day at work. I'm nackered.

It's a goer
Meaning: something that will definitely occur.
Example: no matter if it rains or not it's a goer tomorrow.

Mucking around
Meaning: acting in a way that others generally don't like.
Example: She got very mad at the way he was mucking around.

Nick off
Meaning: go now, get lost.
Example: Nick off you're bothering me.

No worries mate!
Meaning: don't worry about it, everything is fine (Australian Attitude)
Example: No worries mate. It will work out OK.

Meaning: how are you?
Example: How are you going?

Pat malone
Meaning: you are on your own, alone.
Example: If you do that you are on pat malone.

Pigs bum
Meaning: that's wrong, or incorrect.
Example: Pigs bum, you're not smarter than me.

Meaning: advantageous position, in good spot.
Example: The best possie is at the front of the stand.

Pull ya head in
Meaning: I don't want to listen to you so shut up.
Example: Pull ya head in, you don't know what you're talking about.

Put a snag on the barbie
Meaning: a sausage cooked on a barbeque. That's what real Aussies cook, not shrimp
Example: Come on over and we'll put a few snags on the barbie.

Rack off
Meaning: leave, you're not wanted here.
Example: Rack off, you idiot.

Ridgie didge
Meaning: true or genuine article
Example: Ridgie didge! It's true, it really is gold.

She'll be apples!
Meaning: everything will be okay; giving someone assurance
Example: It's OK mate. She'll be apples!

Shut ya gob
Meaning: be quiet.
Example: Aw shut ya gob or I'll hit you.

Meaning: have a break, and usually having something to eat and drink, and a cigarette if you are allowed to.
Example: Smoko here is at 10 am so I'll see you then.

Taking a sickie
Meaning: taking time off work when not really sick
Example: I am taking a sickie and going fishing.

This arvo
Meaning: this afternoon.
Example: I'm going to sleep now and this arvo we'll go to the club.

Turn it up
Meaning: stop what your saying or doing as its not right
Example: Turn it up, you're making it worse.

You are a galah
Meaning: loud, rudely behaved person.
Example: Keep quiet you big galah.

You dirty grub
Meaning: dirty eater or dirty child.
Example: You dirty grub. Go change your clothes.

You little beauty, that's beaut
Meaning: excited approval, something has gone really well.
Example: You little beauty. I won the lottery. Reply - That's beaut mate.

Meaning: a long period of time
Example: Hi mate. Haven't seen you in yonks.

Your shout
Meaning: your turn to buy the drinks
Example: Bill, it's your shout.

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