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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
i visited idp 2 times today. in the morning to fill up my acceptance form and late in the afternoon to collect my confirmation of enrolment (COE). i can now officially say that i'm part of the university of adelaide class of 2006. some pple are just dumb. at idp today, a guy came up to me holding some form and pointing to the name written on it "is this your name?" . i said no. why? because obviously i'm not an indian and i do not have an idian name.

went shopping again. i think i've got a whole new wardrobe. i got 3 pairs of new shoes, several new tops blah blah blah etc. but still, i've not bought the many CDs i've been wanting, an iron, a hairdryer and an alarm clock. so more major shopping has to be done.

i just applied for my visa, its a bit late. but i'm just hoping that its doesn't take more than 3 weeks to process, becuase i'm in a rush, my plane leaves on the 7th but i'm trying to push back to the 11th. cross my fingers, everything works out fine

The lighting was just right at 9:06:00 pm

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