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Saturday, January 17, 2004
its hard making a choice. i've got the opportunity to live in a residential college and another to live in a town house. the residential college, its like a hostel, they provide the food, telephone and internet excess in the room, its very convenient but i just don't like it. i know it has its plus points, example, i'll get to interact with members of other faculties and i'll get extra help from tutors residing in the place. but again, i don't like it. besides the 15 hours per year i have to waste doing college duties, i won't have my privacy, i don't have my own rules because the college is in charge of that, i don't get to watch or laze around in front of the TV whenever, i want the freedom to do whatever and not eat 3 daily meals that probably are sickening over time.

on the other hand, the town house, it'll guarantee me freedom, its near a very chinese restaurent and i'll get the peace and quiet i so want at night. however it doesn't come with internet excess, which i think i can easiy get and no house cleaning unless i pay extra.
so there are the plus and minuses of living in either the town house and the residential college. my parents however prefer the residential college, so actually i only have one choice, my parents choice! isn't that great!

ahhh had a debate with my dad about accomodations today, he's not totally buying my arguments, still insisting that the residential college is the best! haha anyhow, we visited idp..finally got to meet joseph the guy in charged of my file or folder or whatever u call it, he was really helpful... man! my dad even started talking to him about university life..even asked J what and where he studied...and then the big question came "so did u stay in a hostel or u rented"...hahaha i nearly died laughing when joseph replied "i actually stayed in a hostel for a semester, but later i moved out because i didn't like it there."... and i was like "see dad, the town house is better." later we went to my grandmas house , my uncle in his brit accent "u know jia, the town houses aren't that bad. u know, in the UK the majority actually live out of the hostel"... after all that, nothing! it had no effect on my dad. in the evening my cousin was talking about her new potential tenant for her apartment " oh she's from indonesia, studying here.. wants to rent an apartment." u see the whole world seems to be supporting my town house idea and my dad...arghhh!

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