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Thursday, January 08, 2004
meridian JC:
got there about 9 plus yesterday, and marie came along... i met up with madam at the canteen... it was nice to see her again...and we talked about her new life in MJC... according to her the food there doesn't taste good, and she's so funny, she hasn't even wondered around the whole campus and as we were talking one of her new students came up to her asking where lt2 was..haha she thought for a quite a long time before she came up with a decent answer. and MJC doesn't have a school anthem YET! we then followed mdm to the gym, it was her first time there.
MJC has tight security in terms of letting outsiders walk into the school...but in terms of keeping students from zhaoing school, it sucks. there's an electric door leading out of the school, it opens and locks itself so no one can enter from it however only exit, we saw 3 boys coming out of the gate, j2s...haha they simply just took a wooden stick to prevent the door from locking itself so that they could re-enter the place. mdm says that u need a special electronic key to enter the staff room, but she's forgotten about it several time so far. she's so funny haha.

parkway parade:
we left MJC by bus then by train. i cant remember which station we were in, but there were so many bikes outside, really so many, i think there were more than 300 bikes parked along the station. wow! yah so we had pizzahut for lunch at parkway then we made a 1 hour visit to esprit... i spent $108! i've never spent so much, except for the times i buy watches. spending over 100 they gave me a life time membership to esprit and i got a chance at the lucky dip... wasn't really trilled with what i won though. hmmm.

later in the day about 6 plus, went back to school for campfire... headed to the canteen first to cool down, i ended up crying a little thinking that i won't be able to come back to sch everyday now. them campfire started, the cheers started, then there was singing, dancing and bhangra! i took video of the bhangra again, haha. then i bumped in to WZ, my table tennis junior... he's still funny as ever, wish i had a younger brother like him and found out he has 3 ccas woah! yeah so we exchanged numbers, its worth keeping friends like him.

the sms to mdm: during campfire, talked to jia about aust unis... (thank you jiamin for informing me) ..apparently there's an aust uni fair at hilton this weekend, and they except last minute applications and all i need are my o-levels and grade projections... but grade projections? mdm's reluctant to that since she's no longer in ac.. so me and mich tried calling her, she didn't reply so we wrote her a really long sms... after the campfire, she gave me a call...haha good news! she'll project our grades for us! i was prepared for her to say no...but ahhh she's the greatest! but i still fill guilty about pestering her... really hope its alright.

today: mom just gave me the advert she cut out from the newspapers the other day, laselle-sia is having and art enrichment programme... so many courses to choose from and they all interest me... but i'll probably end up choosing something from the design section... dateline is the 30th for feb intake...not very far away.

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