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Tuesday, January 06, 2004
stress released... went to the golfing range with my mom and dad... after 2 years of not hitting a golf ball...i am still doing fine at the game..haha...dad and mom were surprised that i could even hit the ball let alone do a couple of good swings haha and i was not wearing the proper attire, therefore i had to keep watch of any australian golf instructors around... u know, they like to complain A LOT! yah so after golf, dad and i played table tennis... my strokes are still there... phew... and i'm not looking forward to waking up early tmr, i plan to meet mdm at 9 and for the past few weeks i've been waking up at 10... after meeting mdm, i'm going back to ac to search for mr v L... i hope he's around and i hope he doesn't give me the same slacky attidtude he gave to wy...

raffles just got his hair cut or fur cut, my mom is starting to call him pussy cat AGAIN! that poor dog! its because he looks so dainty... he looks like a poodle now! i guess he's more poodle than spitz... schnauzers are a mix of both breeds. with his fur long... he looks like a baby bear or to put it simply, a teddy bear... but raffles is lovable always... he cuddles beside me when he's cold, he steals my pillow, he loves air-conditioned rooms, responds well to the word 'cookie' and sleeps on the bean bag after his walks...awww so cute! hahaha

cca exhibiton this saturday... i am going that's for sure, i hope to see the table tennis pple... wow its been a year since i had to do duty..time flies!

The lighting was just right at 11:33:00 pm

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