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Friday, January 23, 2004
this morning, i was crazy enough to wake up at 7am for a jog. yup, i've got to say i wasn't really thinking right. me, going for a jog at 7 in the morning by myself. its not right! after the jog, i even climbed 12 floors up from the 5th to the 17th. simply not right! whatever! okie, i actually just got back from my aunts place for lunch... had a chat with my cousin, lol, he's like monk... so clean and organised, hahaha. however he doesn't look the type. as for my younger cousin jethro, who is in pri 4 now, he's studying in st andrews junior... but i think he should soooo go to ac barker after p6. he's got the ac look in him and the attitude to go with it.

steph: so jet what's ur favourite subject?
jethro: NOTHING!

steph:how about ur current cca?
jethro:hiyah, i don't care! will think about it later.

hahaha hmmm he's the opposite of his elder bro, but more fun in nature.

yeah so last night, i played black jack! who won the most?! ME!!!!!!! hahaha i won over my moms 10 bucks...total winnings 12.50...lol.

righty then, IDP SUCKS! i shall say that again, IDP SUCKS! they totally screwed up my acceptance and enrollment into the university of adelaide...total screw up, if i don't get my student visa by the 7th (i'm leaving singapore then)... if i could, i would really like to sue them. they are bad at informing students like mich and me, completely wasted our time, a week to be exact!

yes so idp sucks! now about my accomodation, yay! no need to stay in the residential college, however there are the plus and minus points of living there (refer to mich's 2nd latest entry).

The lighting was just right at 4:49:00 pm

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