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Monday, January 12, 2004
uncle ps arrived yesterday! my always funny favourite uncle! funny because he's the blurest adult i've ever come across. its like this, everytime he comes back from the UK,we play hide and seek at the airport... he doesn't know that we're there waiting for him to collect his bags until the very last minute when he walks towards the taxi stand. haha so this year we decided to be nicer. we would wait for him at one extreme side of the exit door until he spots us. there were a few tourist in front of him turning towards our direction, and we were thinking that he would follow... but NOPE! he went the other direction and therefore didn't see us...haha my dad ran from one side to the other chasing my uncle... and i was not too far behind laughing away. what a comedian, my uncle!

anyhow, saturday night was spent at kev's b'day party..he invited our class and it was real good to see them again... especially the guys whom most i've not seen since we finished our A's... james and derek are working at CPF, darren and guo dong are in NS as of today, jed is back in sch, shawn ermm i don't really know... although i did ask him about his future plans, he's planning to do design in singapore and only that night did i find out he liked to draw, he's never struck me as the drawing type, well at least i know him slightly better.

dinner went well, food was nice, i dropped my chicken wing into my cup filled with ice lemon tea and i chewed on a piece of meat for hmmm 5 minutes... disgusting i know, but it was just damm tough furthermore i was given a dare by clara and marie to eat that big slice of beef using only a fork and spoon... i used up 3 plastic spoons that night, shoosh!
but that's not the only dare, marie dared me to eat a slice of lime with the skin still on, so yup i ate it... yuck! i ate everything wrong that night... if i'm not wrong i ate a drop of wax from the b'day cake. stephanie is disgusting!!!

The lighting was just right at 5:18:00 pm

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