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Monday, January 05, 2004
was i blur or was i stressed? i don't know. i missed my bus stop today. i was thinking about my teacher recommendations and suddenly i realised i didn't press the stop button. i don't know. i had to walk a kilometre in the rain today.

i watched mona lisa smile today, it's an OK movie. but the happenings before the movie were just hmmm funny. i was at orchard station with jiamin, then suddenly this lady came up to us...

lady: hello! sorry to scare you... but i'm doing this advertising thing... can i borrow ur nose and ur hand
jia and me : erhhhh erhhh what?(stare at each other)
the lady takes jia's hand and sprays perfume
lady: this bottle cost 89.90..do u think this is too expensive, please tell me what's ur suggested price?
j & m: erhhhh erhhhh
me: 70?
lady: ok i also think so too... but today we have a special offer, both of u are my first 20 customers so u get it for (19 something)... and... (takes jia's hand) and u get another bottle for free... its very cheap only for today, why not give it a try... female and male also can use EXCEPT AH KUA! hahaha... u can get it as a gift... its only 9 something if both of u split.
j&m: erhhh (lost at words)
j&m: we're just not ready to purchase it, plus we don't use it that often....

so interesting isn't it? hahaha

next... this guy comes towards me, "hey happy new year!" shakes my hand and "we are raising charity we need 50,000 dollars"... u see i've bought those coupons soooo many times and i think was quite enough... it just had to stop there! so i said no thanks...
jia and me, then flee to the control station..its safer there... sigh, what a day!

and i'm still at a lost with the application! mdm can't help me with the counselor recommendations coz she's now teaching in meridian and she does not want to step into ac... i guess now, i'm left with mrs chan...ahhhhh! she's going to take forever! and i need to call n.sigh tmr..to make an appointment with her, probably tmr and wed.... i hope she'll finish it in time, coz she's known to be slow at this kind of stuff...and i'm rushing an application here! i'm so dead!

The lighting was just right at 9:27:00 pm

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