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Friday, January 09, 2004
went back to MJC again, to collect my projected grades for aust and my teacher recommendations from mdm rohayati. after 5 minutes mich and i left for school.

our plan was to have lunch there first, later go to the photocopying shop to make copies of the projections and o-level certs, find the principal, get the projections signed, find mr VL for my couselor recommendations and be done with everything else.

while entering acjc, the guard stopped us...for what? we had to get visitor cards! just a few months ago, he would have stopped me for being late for sch... i was hoping to just walk in, but NO! he had to stop us, i prefer the other guard!

had laksa for lunch! shiok as usual, but would have wanted tom yam, chicken rice and sting ray as well. visited the drink store for teh ping, hahaha the drink store auntie still remembers me... i'm her " auntie jing tian yo grapefruit vitamin sweet mah?" girl...haha there was one time she stopped selling the sweet, i requested for it and she started selling it again giving me a discount everytime i came...haha so sweet!

the photocopying shop:
ahhhh! i can't believe it! they changed the photocopying staff, new photocopiers, new table, new everything! they've got bad attitudes too, they weren't very nice when i asked them for a photocopying card plus they gave me and mich that arghhh look. and u know what? mich and i were not wearing sch uni, this j1 girl came up to us saying "excuse me, are u both queing up for notes?"... hello! where's her common sense, do we look like students.. and i'm sad to say she was an mg girl... my dear junior "wake up!"

after that, the whole chasing and searching for teachers started... first, we went to the office " sorry but we need a letter head, before mrs chan can sign"... so we searched for teachers to type a letter head, couldn't find any, however found the whole lot of them in the canteen... N singh and Lim pJ, " are u sure u need the principals signature...show us proof...we've got lessons later...go find other teachers...how about mr PC... its useless getting yati... where are u applying to... arhhh so last minute both of u" and they blabbered on, they could have just said "we don't want to do it for both of u"...simple as that, both of them are out of my 'nice teacher list'! mr pc is still teaching after he said and i inaccurately quote " HEH! i'm fed up! i'm going to quit next year and the only reason is because of your class, 2sg4!" seriously he should quit, we don't need teachers like him, what passion does he have for teaching, giving up on us just before the A's! he can afford to anyway being a spoilt rich man's son! mr sim my best chinese teacher ever was not in sch, so he couldn't help us with the letter head...K tan? (mths teacher for a month) N singh and Lim pJ said he couldn't do it for us so we didn't bother to ask him. that's NONSESE! mich and i were hanging around the staff room when we bumped into him, he asked what we were doing back in sch, we explained to him the whole situation.. and he said "come with me, i'll do the letter head for both of you"... he's soooo nice! we didn't even ask him and he volunteered to do it for us...he's remaining on the 'nice teacher list' hehe funny thing was we went to ah kua lims table to print the letter head out, mich and i now know that, he likes the colour green and frogs as well, his entire table was surrounded by frogs... beanie frogs, ceramic frogs, picts of frogs, green handphone!...hahaha if there was a table theme competiton, i'd pick him as the winner!
yes... so went back to the office to hand the letter heads to ms joyce lee, the principals secretary..haha! she said, she'd sms me when they were signed for collection. so she did just after i left sch, great timing!
and about my counselor recommendations for michigan... mr VL is away, he's on course! i had to go find mr ngoei or mdm lip but they can't help me, i've got to wait until he comes back! there are so many teachers in acjc and they only allocate one teacher to do this staff, the system is really crapped up! the principal can't even fill it up for me, because she doesn't know how to..and she's suppose to be SO CAPABLE therfore the board of governors appointed her to be principal! what?!
saw lim seepoy, haha still remembers me and told me he was going for an afternoon stroll around the sch, that teacher certainly has a lot of time to himself, everytime i see him, he's free! one time, he just came from an afternoon jog!

went shopping in town again with mich... bought a zara shirt and TRAVIS'S latest album, 12 memories... got to be one of the best albums i've ever gotten... so i ended up happy after all. no stress now, however tmr's going to be another busy day...cca exhibiton in the morning, aust fair in the afternoon and kev's party at night.

The lighting was just right at 8:32:00 pm

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