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Friday, January 30, 2004
went for the medical check up today, ok didn't like it. nothing much today, but i got my hair cut. ermmm, dad bought a new printer, those all-in-one printers (scanner, copier..etc). i was shocked the other day, when he said it was for home use. VERY FUNNY! i leave singapore and he buys the printer i've been bugging him to get for 1000 years. i bet next time i come back i'll find a new flat screen plasma TV at home. and i'm enjoying my new laptop, i just took notice of the speakers, they are harmon/karden speakers! cool hahaha i was testing the dvd player as well.

tonight i'm watching 'the house of sand and fog' with my parents. my parents were kiasu enough to drive to dempsey road the other day to get a pair of free tickets each (they drove 2 cars). so i'm watching a free movie. not my first but certainly with lots of class 95 FM listeners. and i've only got slightly more than a week left in singapore, so fast! i'm going to start missing this country soon. :(

The lighting was just right at 6:01:00 pm

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