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Sunday, January 25, 2004
yesterday, saturday. i went with clara and aidi to watch 'the last samurai'. as usual someone here teared again, and i wasn't prepared with tissue paper. 'samurai' means to serve, learnt that! everyone should watch it, its not lovey dovey or anything, rather bloody bloody. i would definately watch it again. at night, i finally manage to borrow my cousin's 'the pianist' dvd. i'll watch it again, i don't care, i will watch it again. i'm so lucky and happy to have at least grasped the basics of secondary school history. its interesting to know why, when and how some things happen, because of this knowledge i find movies such as 'the pianist', 'hilter, rise of evil' and 'tora tora tora' (very old movie)... so so so so so interesting.
next up on my movie list, PETER PAN! it's been one of my all time favourite disney cartoons since i was little. i've got to watch it! and they even have coldplay on their soundtrack. its got to be the ultimate, i mean fav band and fav disney story or packed into one movie.

anyways, why is everyone is air rifle? been chatting with a few new pple and oh my their all from air rifle! why? why? why? one more thing, why does everyone on friendster have a band of some sort, why? do i look like the kind of person who would be very interested in bands and air rifle, that i'd be so interesting to chat with. weird, very very weird. however, its been interesting to know what other pple in singapore actually do. one of my new friends for example, he plays in a band, makes videos and goes for kick boxing training every week... multi-talented. then there are pple who are really focused on their dreams even though their results are far worst than mine. one, very hard broken sometimes depressed sometimes happy person, been trying to raise his spirits, very nice of him to leave a testimonial. it makes feel as if i did help someone in a small way. its nice knowing that pple are actually sincere and easy to talk to. just 3 years ago, u could call me the living dead. i didn't dare go near pple i didn't know. in sec 3 for example, i was assigned to sit next to kky and grace, 2 pple, very popular and talkative. haha i'd only say the occasional hi or 'have u done ur homework?' ... weeks later i was talking to them, laughing away, cracking jokes etc. they were very honest with me. one day, they admitted they found me really silent, even gave me a secret nick name..hahaha 'the wall'... and till this day i'm still known as kky's and grace's wall... when we greet each other its always "hey kky/grace!" and back "MY WALL!" later on, i started to interact more with my classmates, however i was still quite shy. came jc, orientation! oh no there are guys in my sch! hahaha well i got used to it, i've learnt to treat guys as normal human beings not some foreign species from another planet...i can communicate with them, and they with me... easy! actually not quite, when it comes to the guy u like, from a girls point of view i mean. yeah i think i've said enough, i just went out of point again! nvm!

moving on, today, sunday. uncle ps left today, followed my dad early this morning to send him off. and as many times before, after sending uncle ps off, we would stop at macs for breakfast, dad orders his hash browns and me, my big breakfast. it should have continued raining today, than my dad wouldn't have played golf..and he and i would have been able to go to funan AGAIN! later on, visiting yu lao shi, my table tennis coach. instead, i was home alone today, cleaning up my room. that sucks! it gave me a headache. i hate clearning up! imagine me in aust...hmmm pig sty?

haha ok yeah, mom insisted the other day, she re-teach me how to iron clothes (like i don't know how in the first place). this week, i'm learning how to cook nasi lemak and other stuff. its like she's running a pre-overseas uni school, module 1: learn how to wash dishes
module2: learn ironing
module3: learn to cook

and so on... clara says i cook really nice instant noodles haha, i can't survive on instant noodles for 8 months.

and yeah, looks like i won't be missing my family and relatives. because they're visiting me sometime this year... and next year, my cousin min is performing with the adelaide symphony, so they're following her on tour. i'm sure i won't be home sick! hahaha and more crap, an idian lady came up to my father while he was walking raffles :

lady: oh! jolly! what a good looking dog! he's got to be the most gd looking dog i've ever seen, is he a champion?

dad: no

lady:well he looks like a champ!

hahaha and all this coming from an idian lady who owns a mongrel. hmmm think about it..does she know how to spot champion dogs? haha

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