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Monday, January 05, 2004
yesterday... oh yah! i had fun! had another 4c2 reunion at miss T's place... nice home, 2 very adorable children and she cooks best with black eyed peas playing, hahaha. yeah! so not everyone turned up but there were enough people present to feel like the whole class was there... hmmm at the dining table there was satay, shepards pie, curry chicken, prata, salad and very very very very yummy prawn, sotong and fishballs fried and re-friend by joyce and me, haha... it was our first time using the frying machine thingy... at first, hmmm we didn't have a clue on how the thing worked... but after sitting down and thinking... whala! it could FRY! before putting in the first prawn balls... we prayed! hallejuah! every single fish, sotong and prawn ball turned out just nice! hehe...
so the party went well... i took photos again...and shama came! she's still as funny as ever, some pple never change... then we played monopoly and PS2... PS2 was FUN! well i got beaten up by miss T's son at WWF and i also had my second go at tony hawk's... damn fun! when it was time to leave, i left the place with xy and shama... hahaha being in the train with them, its laughter non-stop...first we talked about shama being in the ac cd, then about shama's parents, next about the future and xy asked me to join the rest of the 4c2 gang for camp fire this wednesday... she said something about wearing our mg uniforms haha...asked clara if she wanted to follow, she said alright, so i guess yay! campfire this wed... can't wait! since i missed out on my own ac orientation camp fire

anyway there was a lot of hugging... a friend told me once that mg girls like to show their emotions openly in the form of hugging, and i think that's quite true... when ever and where ever hugs are welcomed... i guess they represent the love and friendship we have for each other and not to forget the care and concern... just one hug can make a person feel so much better... arghh, i feel like hugging my dog now with all this hug talk...hmmm shall stop the topic here and move on with today.

hmmm so today... i followed my parents everywhere... to jalan kayu, to marina country club, to the supermarket, back to jalan kayu, and to buy curry at samy's curry restaurent for the once a week family dinner. (woah long sentence!)

and tmr... will be watching 2 movies... mona lisa smile and some free movie preview sponsored by the american club... i think i should count the number of movies i've watched since the A's ended...i better! yup so i'm blabbering... and this whole entry doesn't make any sense *stones*

The lighting was just right at 12:01:00 am

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