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Sunday, February 08, 2004

i met up with chiu yen and tsui man in the afternoon and we had lunch at crystal jade...hehe its been a long time since i went out with either of them. like me, they were both in mg primary but were never in my class except for tsui man who might have been in my class for 2-3 years out of my 6 years in pri sch. i got to know chiu yen through sunday school and haha ermm we both disliked our sunday school class because it taught us nothing and our sunday sch classmates were a bunch of hmmm..well we didn't like them. however this whole dislike thing came about during our sec school days. in our kindy and pri school days, sunday school was good! i actually learnt something and even volunteered myself to act in our churches 40th anniversary play... sunday school just wasn't that great in sec sch! chiu yen and i stopped attending sunday sch in sec2 and decided to join our parents in worship. well church wasn't the only time we spent with each other, both of us were in GB and in the same squad "SWALLOWS!" i really loved that squad except for drill.
for tsui man, she was in the same school bus. for a pri sch kid, its hard to wake up at 6 in the morning.. so of course the bus was really quiet in the morning but in the afternoon after school...goodness! it was mad! hahaha especially the rubber puppy trading days. (this collectable puppy thing...24 puppies, collect all and u'll be the envy of everyone). tsui man and i were really lucky, we had this lazy bus driver... he wouldn't call if he wasn't going to pick us up, he'd later give the excuse that the bus broke down. uncle alvin ( that was what we called him)... complete pig, the bus was never cleaned... at one time we had baby roaches everywhere (lucky, the pri 6 jie jies were very nice, we got to sit on their laps) and he would bring countless girlfriends onto his bus along for the ride home..yucks!
anyway it was really nice to see them again before my departure. THANK YOU BOTH!

friday night:

at 5 plus i took a train and bus all the way from orchard to meet joyce at tampinees ITE to watch a touch rugby match. after more or less 2 years playing that sport i've forgotten everything... i have to say, touch rugby was the sport that improved my fitness...trainings were short but ahhhh tiring and painFul! (except for joyce)... i didn't like that one training, we had to learn how to dive into the mud... ouch! and one other training when we decided to switch to contact rugby....ouch again!
after the match we took a bus down back to orchard to meet the 3rd inert gas, cheryl! and had dinner at marche. 3 best friends having dinner... lots of talking! lots of laughter! what more can i say... its just fun having both of them around... and we always learn something new... i can't say anymore because it would mean repeating what i've said about the two again... i really THANK GOD for friends like them, they mean lots to me (and i want to cry)... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE GOOD TIMES, BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!


tiring! i applied for a town house in adelaide in the morning...later i had lunch at clara's place. after lunch we went to town to meet aidi.. she wanted to win tickets for the MTV asia awards... but haha after looking at the crowd, we just decided to walk around and take a couple of neoprints... a hobby i've taken up since knowing aidi hahaha! lol. with aidi, we actually do funny poses for the camera and the photos come out really nice. the funny part about yesterday, was couple watching. aidi and i were watching couples, most of them were fighting... now, that's sad! valentines day is coming and they've started argueing! hmmm but it was interesting to see how the girl would react and what the guy would do later on do to apologise...funny stuff! but yeah i admit we were both very kei po..haha

at 6 we joined carin and charlotte for dinner... we talked about the future and stuff. haha but it wasn't serious talk. i came home with 3 new stuff... an engraved metal thingy from aidi and clara (with a current pict of 3 of us and at the back, "clara, steph, aidi...friends forever" ), a framed jigsaw puzzle done by carin and charlotte (absolutely cute! haha) and the new fossil watch i bought myself. it felt like my birthday all over again, and i felt guilty that they were giving me going-away presents...besides that i also felt lucky to have had known everyone of them... and i thought i wouldn't come out of ac having true friends, i was wrong. THANKS TO YOU PEEPS! I LOVE YOU ALL! hahaha

a few neoprints i took yest:

The lighting was just right at 5:46:00 pm

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