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Thursday, February 05, 2004
my dad should work for the university of adelaide. he constantly promotes it, not only to me but to everyone. i was comparing perth with adelaide and he said adelaide was bigger than perth..yah right! 40 years ago maybe. yeah then hahaha he later tells me Lleyton Hewitt is from adelaide and we would just miss the davis cup qualifying rounds in adelaide. he's just so connected to that place. maybe he's just loyal to all his educational institutions. 2 years ago my grandma dug up some of my dad's old stuff from some cupboard.. we found his uni lecture notes... yup my dad payed attention. payed special attention to the fine detail when he drew the acs uniform on his lecture notes and also trying to draw the ac crest... below his drawings he wrote "this is a bloody boring lecture!" hahaha and my dad always stresses on me to pay attention in class and not to screw up my year again and again. before entering the university of adelaide he was in prince alfred college (also in adelaide).. doing his year 12. only one year there and he's loyal to it as well. when we visited to adelaide 2 years ago, he insisted i take lots of pictures of his college and told me stories about the rival school next door (kinda like an AC, RI thing).

my dad went to adelaide because his elder bro was already studying there. haha my grandparents are super duper funny. they keep telling me that adelaide is a beautiful city and the uni is good, the thing is, they've not even been to adelaide before. hahaha must be all the postcards my dad sent back.

The lighting was just right at 11:47:00 pm

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