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Saturday, March 06, 2004
got my interent connection fixed yesterday! i called techinical support and spent an hour siting and listening to the super fast operator...until my internet was running. immediately after that, mich and i took the bus to sch to meet up with the overseas christian fellowship (ocf) pple for the welcome meeting. while rushing, mich got the first call, time was 5 plus... that's when everything went blur..both of us just forgot our surroundings...listening to the latest news of the A-level results.
it wasn't a nice time... normally pple want to give a good first impression when meeting new pple... but hmmm mich and i were just concentrating on that one phone... not very nice... so i apologised. michelle was talking to her mum... she had not gotten her results... then mich's mum (auntie juliet) handed the phone to my mom...so i took over the phone from mich... and the first words from my mum just took away my thoughts of failing the A-levels... " JIA! All PASSES!"... i was so relief... then she read out my results...maths B... (my thoughts: ahhh shooots! where's my A for maths...stupid moderation!) econs D (hmmm wanted a C... but close enough but still doesn't sound that nice)...actually i first thought my mom said B for econs and i got really shocked, then she corrected me...SAD! haha... chem E (right on target!) hahahaha

i'm actually happy... my mom did ask me what my best score prediction for myself would have been...and it would have been ACE... chem was right on! mths arghh..econs hmmm acceptable...so overall satisfied! together they make up 7 points..7 points = entry to commerce in adelaide... so yeah like my dad said last night... "at least u didn't enter uni through the back door"... because of that i'll honestly say i'm proud of myself... i seriously am...though they may not be fantastic results. Thank God!

well the ocf meeting was really big compared to the ccm one.... but i would say it wasn't a very serious christian group... later in the meeting we were split to our seperate faculties... the commerce/econs/finance pple to one groupk, and so on... during that time we each had to give a short introduction...our goals for the future etc...i was majoring in accounting and i don't mind taking computer science as a second..later going to the UK to do chartered accountancy... after the commerce group broke up for refreshments...2 malaysian guys..my seniors tried to warn me about computer science... " if u think computer science is about microsoft media only, then please don't take it.... unless u know what java, linux etc. is"...i almost wanted to box them... i know what they are! well because i'm nice i just interrupted " i have not made my decision yet, but thanks for the advice".... i walked away rolling my eye balls...bad i know...but they should learn never to irritate someone who just received her A-level results!

there were many malaysians there but there were a couple of singaporeans as well... all poly guys just finished NS...and going straight to 3rd year in triple E. LUCKY! oh then we met this old ac guy... 10 years in ac pri/barker...goes to acjc...mrs lim kicks him out. sad case... but still has his ac spirit but hates mrs lim... was good to know someone else ac there... i asked if i was from mg... of course i said YES! ... funny! said i looked familiar! O.K.... must be the uniform. and there are 2 SR pple in adelaide as well.. i agreed with one of them during our commerce introductions that the singapore way of life was just mugging...mug here mug there...efficient!

The lighting was just right at 6:26:00 pm

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