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Monday, March 08, 2004
my brain is capoot right now! read my accounting text book and guide book the whole afternoon, its like the first time i'm studying since the A-levels...an overcharged of information that my brain can't take.
all this in preparation for my first accounting tutorial tomorrow and i still have my tutorial 1 undone...and it'll proabably stay that way until my tutor who i have not met tells me what he or she expects out of me...because at this point of time, i have no idea how i'm suppose to go about doing the tutorial. they look like essay questions to me but its highly impossible that my first tutorial would involve handing up 4 long essays.

and studying arghhh! i finally remember what stress feels like. its not nice, i hate it. and everyone back home is enjoying their free time. my whole family...very busy. my cousins baby is due in less then a months time...my 2nd cousin is getting married...big family thing... the cousin i've not met is living in my home in singapore. ah i'm just missing out on everything that means so much to me.

yesterday i visited the ac website. they had the pictures from the A-level results plus the pictures from the fun-o-rama. saw the teddy bear but thankfully clara help me get one... the smiley t-shirt! I WANT!!!!!!!....the new ac pull over...I WANT!!!! NOT FAIR TO EVERYONE WHO WENT!

The lighting was just right at 8:44:00 pm

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