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Monday, March 01, 2004
to joyce:


yesterday we went to church...i forgot the name but yah i went to church. its really small but full. its totally different from the services i attend back in singapore... its more lively! and everyone knows each other... eddie helps around the church...so basically everyone knows him and he know everyone... have i made my point? the church has less than 100 members i think. yeah so he introduced us to the pastor and to some of the church members. but really pple there are so friendly...they just come up to u and welcome u. they even invited us for lunch and they constantly asked us if we liked the service...really nice lah! so far the pple we've met in the campus christian movement (ccm)... have been good to us... and they come from all over the world...there are pple from cambodia, hk and africa..etc. i'll certainly attend their meetings very often... its not like the horrible sunday sch i had a few years back.

anyways today, mich and i spent the whole morning fiddling with the elective one... we wanted to take 'mathematics for economists' but they said we were too smart to even do the course... and everything would seem trivial... blah blah blah...so we spent like 2 hours walking from one building to another... just to find an alternative course... at the commerce dpt we finally found one that would suit our schedule and our interest... we chose 'mathematics IH'...easy easy! A-level maths all over again!

The lighting was just right at 2:47:00 pm

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