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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
a bit late... BUT!

TADA!!! new layout!!! for all you pple who complained about my last layout. >P

ok ok i'm very very very happy with this new layout... i think out of all the layouts i've had in the past this layout well represents me. the conveyor belt, WHICH WORKS! i'm very happy about that too. actually, i pictured the conveyor belt thing way before i even started out on this layout... i kinda had inspiration at the wrong time..because i was listening to music and studying. the whole layout took several hours to do... because that javascript for the conveyor was no where to be found. i nearly gave up, settling for a scrolling marquee. but, i had to edit a few html codes anyway..so heck it! dont study and go find that javascript! i googled the entire night and managed to find it at long last.

tried it, but aghhh it didn't work! tried editing but it still didn't work...until i gave up and got my roomie to view the blog using her computer. oh wow! its alive!!!!
i've not stopped borrowing her computer, since.

so conclusion, every computer i touch... dies on me. it lags and it gets infested by pop-ups and software which installs itself. not that i don't have internet security, i actually do. and i think i've got too many multimedia programs on my computer.. that i've got to do something about. oh well, i shall reboot my computer soon.
hopefully, that would help.

The lighting was just right at 1:27:00 pm

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