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Saturday, August 28, 2004
everyone! start running... i've gone into one of my crazy happy moods! hear any music? don't worry it won't be up tomorrow...unless, i'm excessively happy again.

today was such a good day. all i did was study, slack, study, slack, study, slack slack slack.

from the moment i got up at 1035am today, i was happy :) i don't know why, but i felt so much peace and joy in me. i wish everyday could be like that. there was no worry just smiles the whole day long. my roomie gives me the weird stare when i grin at her for no reason... she'll get creeped out and stuff. i only get those grins when i have a sunflower right in front of me. hmmm flowers? i'm not quite sure what flower i actually like... tulips are nice, orchids are nice (in the garden that is), roses are nice (very old fashion, but nice), chrysanthenums? (can't spell it but boil them and u get a very nice drink, which i so miss right now...so i guess they're nice too)...ermmm ... oh! morning glorys (nice colour), eh? lilies (they only look nice in weddings)... oh man! i'm crappy... (if anyone of u have read this far, congratulations! i bet u have the :S look right now)
ok lah! i think this entry it a bit weird too...

i can't be happy and not act weird at the same time...:P

The lighting was just right at 9:22:00 pm

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