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Saturday, August 21, 2004
female maths teachers

theory #2: majority of female maths teachers have issues. i don't know what they are but they just have them. they always walk into class or into a lecture, cranky. they get irritated by the slightest things and they can't take jokes. furthermore, they tend to have hair, no longer than shoulder length.

in sec1 my mother saw my maths teacher 3 times in one week, because i didn't complete the homework she gave, despite the fact that i did well in all my test.

sec3, i had this maths (a maths) teacher who always seemed as if she wanted to cry. my e-maths teacher, however was an angel...strict but super nice.

sec4, my maths teacher was nice. soon after leaving mgs, she got promoted to vice principal.

j1/j2... search her name on google and you'll find my blog. she nagged at us like crazy, she was always pregnant and she was really discouraging. in 2 years, she had 2 kids. she only appeared in our j1 lessons in april and in j2 she left us in august.

first semester in uni... my maths lecturer, she always was cranky...there was never one day she actually smiled. this semester, she got fired.

second semester in uni... i have another cranky stats lecturer... her jokes are no fun. its like haha.....the laughter just dies.

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