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Friday, August 27, 2004
i can't stand it. i think too much. i seriously seriously seriously need to stop thinking too much. thinking too much is bad for me. are these the consequences of being the only child, because i'm forced to sit alone and because i don't have anything else to do, so i just think?

i can think of the funniest things (eg. my porsche theory, does it ring a bell?) and i can think of the saddest (can hit rock bottom) or most of the time i don't know what's up with my brain and nonsense just starts to sprout. just recently, my best friend asked for my help with her creative thinking project. she was suppose to come up with something from scratch, she was really clueless to what to do. so me, being the lamest friend she has (because she doesn't give anyone else the <:( look) comes up with "something".
what was going about my brain when i was trying to find her a solution?

well, firstly...clara is in smu. therefore, smu = money money, profit profit!
and clara, i always tease her about her future husbands because come on! lah my best friend has how many guys following her everywhere. ok so i come up with this brilliant project... using all this data stored in my brain...i mix them up and BOOM! what do i think of???

i tell her to go draw a picture of herself, make copies and paste them all over smu.
her satisfaction would have increased by 1000% or more, knowing that she would have gotten the attention of every guy in school and that her profits would rise by 100% each time she sees a new fellow looking at her. nonsense!

and bleah! i use equations so often. what's up with that?! my mind is constantly on the move. i see something ( it could be anything out of the ordinary), it amuses me, there goes my mind... far far far away from my books. (mom don't worry, i still study). while i sleep, i do some thinking... i dream! madness!

The lighting was just right at 2:50:00 pm

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