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Monday, August 23, 2004
i just came back from church. the night before i was kind of reluctant to go for tonights meeting but i'm glad i did go.

a team of prophets led my john jacks visited our church yesterday and were here again today. they would pick pple out from the congregation and start prophesising God's word. everyone had their turn including me. funny enough, i was the last to be picked haha. whatever they said to each and every person was so full of truth and it gave each and everyone a sense of encouragement.

i was stunned! when he spoke to me. it was like everything he prophesised was so about this blog.

this is what he said:

"stephanie, there is such a goodness in the things of the spirit of god in your life and there's a funny thing about you...on one hand you have a real calm and a real sense of the peace of god. and there's a part of you that just really likes to squeal and get excited about things in the lord. i see you having the ability to write and to write some things down that people can read, its almost like paintings and things that you write under with captions under it to declare the things of god. and the lord really wants to use that. there's an artistic flow that's in your life and the lord really wants to let that come out...and i don't know if you do pen and ink, i don't know what it is but i just see it very clearly and the lord really wants you to take not just scriptures but thoughts, the things that god pours into your heart both of laughter and both of the calming things. and its like you'll be thinking about it, all the sudden it will hit you and that's what the lord wants you to write... put on those things. and if you'll do it, he'll faithful to you. the lord is just gonna send those things all over the world, its going to be picked up and placed in places and really minister life to people. good."

The lighting was just right at 9:26:00 pm

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