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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
i resisted temptation!

i resisted buying a second cup of cold rock ice cream!!! i'm so proud of myself...hahahaha

right! on the topic of ice cream. (mich and ys, u guys don't have to read beyond this full stop, otherwise you both might find it boring.. and later accuse me of speaking my mind thrice). from my observation guys tend to like strawberry flavoured ice cream as to chocolate, which seems kind of weird because chocolate is brown and strawberry is pink. guys like pink? i don't think so... that's a big no no! girls on the other hand... if u've guess it, like chocolate or anything creamy.

this is just an observation. however, i still think that the choice of ice cream one picks depends on the person's mood. i love chocolate, but i don't order chocolate when i visit an ice cream parlour..that's because.. firstly, i'm an adventurous eater (that's what my mom says, i'll take her word)..secondly, why choose chocolate and pay 4 bucks for a cup when u can get cheapo chocolate ice cream which taste just as good. i tend to choose fruity flavours like banana or some sorbet...and most of time maybe hazelnut or black sesame...basically all the weird flavours u can't easily get at the supermarket.

so i'm adventurous... i'm not afraid to try new stuff. my mother claims i've got her taste buds. however, not adventurous enough to swallow a still pumping snakes heart or eat maggots... scorpians? hehe i don't mind...they look like lobsters so its ok.

The lighting was just right at 5:45:00 pm

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