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Sunday, August 29, 2004
i'm listening to 'the new radicals' right now. it was the first cd that started my huge collection of cds way back in secondary 2. the only reason why i bought the cd was because they had these 3 songs, ' you get what u give', ' someday we'll know' and 'i don't wanna die anymore'. these songs speak to you, i can't explain it but they just do... these are the kind of songs u just want to sit back, think and listen to over and over again... as u listen, emotions and feelings just start to appear..and u just started sighing to yourself.

i have such a huge cd collection. however, there are a few cds which i don't regret buying such as this one. i've got my entire cd collection ripped onto my laptop. i'm looking at it and hmmm i hardly listen to the majority of them, what a waste of money. my taste of music has changed, it was pop in primary school(spice girls), rebellious hard core rock in lower secondary (papa roach, metallica), alternative in upper secondary, jc to present... its anything with a good beat, melody, words and the ability to change my mood. no point listening to something when it has no effect on u, u just sit there with ur mind void...empty. music is suppose to move u, and if it doesn't it shouldn't be defined as music at all, just noise.

i still listen to coldplay and i'll remain a coldplayer forever. when i listen to their music, i start thinking about the future and about the memories back in mg. in sec4, my class was super addicted to coldplay that nearly the entire class bought a copy of the cd. if u like coldplay, u must have been from 4c2,2001.

right! change topic... i'm looking at this mgs calendar i bought in january. its full of photos past and present... january contains photos from 1887-1896, february has photos from 1896-1906 and so on. its photos like these that make me feel proud to be an mgsians. i love my school, i love the uniform (i got caught by gurmit singh in j1 for having an untucked shirt, i got this big scolding...harvider singh was sitting at the same table...and said to me, "mgs girl right?"), i love my teachers, i love the building, i love hockseng! haha (kidding, hockseng is the famous bus driver who owns the drink stall at mg), i love chapel, i love the school bell, i love the badge, i love the motto (to master, to grow and to serve) i love MGS and the fact that it produces 'Godly women of Excellence with a heart of Love'. (wah! that would boost the ego of every mgs girl).

well, i'm also proud to have been the very rare few who took the traditional route... mgs(pri), mgs(sec), acjc. 12 years of being in a methodist school, 12 years of chapel service, 12 years of seeing big expensive cars surrounding the place during peak hours hahaha, 12 years of fun, joy, peace and laughter! yay!

The lighting was just right at 4:59:00 pm

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