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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
listening to 'classical gas' by eric clapton... its make me want to study and yet makes me feel creative.

last night, i spent an hour on the pss website... man! the website looks so cheena... but the photos taken by some of its students were quite nice. later i searched google for photography.. and found this guys website

waahhh! he has so much time to travel around the world to take photos. some pple just have too much money...but i guess its worth all the money in the world, to take such beautiful photos.

i wish my uncle pc lived in singapore... he lives in the states..and almost every year he travels to those exotic places to take photos...if i recall he even went to iran and to the south americas...those inka ruins...i envy him. when i visted him a few years back he had this photo on the wall...taken by him...it was a girl from nepal... it was super nice... like those u see on the national geographic magazine.

and while being a stone the other day...i decided to edit some photos... gonna start a proper photo collection and maybe start an album after this sem...

The lighting was just right at 8:50:00 pm

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