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Saturday, August 28, 2004
me: did u send me a free postcard?

mom: yes

me: for what?! i couldn't even read ur handwriting,and u didn't write much...u basically rewrote whatever was on the postcard (a uniquely singapore postcard, postage paid by the tourism board)

mom: is my handwriting that bad?

me: yah!

mom: anyway there are 2 more coming...

me: HAH! why?!

mom: because everytime i send a postcard overseas, i get to enter a lucky draw sponsored by the tourism board.

me: ah hiyo!


this is so typical of my mom! she gets more kiasu as she ages. all mothers are like that aren't they. michelle and i were watching 'i not stupid' the other day. it was so funny! what we found funny was when the mother played by that plump lady (can't remembr her name) was scolding her children. she was a very close replica of our mothers.

all the " u don't know how lucky u are to have a roof over ur head!" (my mom has said these words so many times, i can't keep count)

when i do something to displease the almighty ruling politician of the house ... she goes " u're not sleeping in ur room tonight, u're sleeping outside!"

and she always claims that the house is hers... where did my dad's half go?

ohhhhhhh yes! and the hongbao snatching.... oh hohoho that's so popular among mothers around singapore. " where are all your hongbaos, give them to me, i'll help u put it into ur bank account"
what they are actually saying: " come give me ur money, i will put it into my bank account and squander it over useless stuff at ntuc"
i've learnt over the years never to give my mother my hongbaos unless she shows me proof that the deposit was made. Thank God for bank books!

one more final important detail... goodness! why are they so interested in ur "love life" and when u know some guy... they go gaga and make some nonsense story about u liking him, crazy!!!! ultimate madness! can't they find something else to do... like go fish?

mothers! sigh... they create chaos in every household and they blame us for it. yet, we still love them, no matter what rubbish they lay upon us.

The lighting was just right at 10:00:00 am

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