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Sunday, August 29, 2004
ok! last post for the day... i'm really blogging too much! its like i'm addicted all of a sudden.

ok ok ok... i wore a skirt to church today. i felt awkward walking into church in a skirt... well, because it's my first time wearing a skirt in adelaide and no one from ccm has not once seen me in a skirt...its always shirt and jeans. yes! so i was damn shy walking into church...i was wearing this really "funky" skirt which i got from british india, this 3/4 top, heels, earings, bracelet and carrying my mambo handbag... ok basically, i looked as if i was going out for a good time. my appearance i would say, was totally opposite from my normal wear... which consist of jeans, some shirt, earings and my "funky" converse shoes.

so when i walked into church... pple started giving me compliments and blah blah blah...and worst still!!! the guys cmi...they were like gathering in one corner and joseph starts the ball rolling..."wahhh steph!" cmi cmi cmi and i start running, hiding behind anyone i could find. super embarrassing. i get the most head banging comments from joe ( if u're reading this, damn paiseh ok!). i didn't know this, but he thought i always had this really strong-won't cry exterior... after last week when i started tearing after we missed ben... he than said i was soft...and with my dressing today, now i'm feminine...bleah! and he starts calling me 'lady'. i guess its because of the sporty wardrobe(tshirts, tshirts, tshirts) i have that my not so strong "feminine" doesn't show. ok! so i like the sporty look and my mother complains that i have too many tshirts... but tshirts are like the most comfortable clothes on this planet! i wear tshirts out, i wear them to sleep.. tshirts multi-tasks. right now, i'm wearing my ac table tennis competition shirt... its so comfy! and michael complains i wear it too often (and to u guys, i wash it ok! if i wear it too often doesn't mean i don't wash it...it means i wash it very often!)

but its not like i hardly wear skirts ...i actually wear them quite often...especially to dinners or to church in singapore. i'm only wearing jeans because i don't want to catch a chill (like the chill i caught today...brrr cold)

and because i start showing my "feminine" side today...everyone starts noticing stuff...daisy for example, thought i bought a new pair of spects... and thought they were really nice... but the truth, i only got them days before i left for my first semseter to adelaide....hehehe but i do agree, my spects are nice.. red lah plus they aren't as beetle like looking like my old one.

hmmm well well well...if only hanjin (makes the lamest and most irritating jokes haha) saw me today...he would take back what he said about me.... " stephanie she's so strong... i know of jet lee, bruce lee, herculee, muhammad alee, now i know a stephanie lee." cmi!

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