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Saturday, August 28, 2004
technology today is da best!

just downloaded skpye last night... ey not bad... joyce rings me up and we talk for 20 min..FREE! haha
beats the half a cent per minute rate i've been paying.

oh! and call me stupid... i didn't know my comp had infra-red capabilities. ys transfered his ac anthem ringtone to my comp and i transfered it to my phone via infre-red..super super super cool lah!

and tchaikovsky rocks!

blah! i've been hunting this one song down... does anyone have the latest hillsongs cd?

(joyce: ermmm since u know where to buy cheap cds... if u could, or if u see... could u help me check out the price of a hillsong cd back home, because the one's here cost like 29.90 or more.. and i'm quite reluctant to buy cds here because i'm trying my best to spend less..and if u're free give me a call alright... its good to hear someone from singapore..and it was really good talking to u last night, it seems that we have to catch up again... applies to cheryl too... i feel rotten, not being able to speak to u guys so often as before..miss u both!)

The lighting was just right at 3:03:00 pm

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