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Friday, August 27, 2004
tsuiman and i went crazy last night after ccm. michael has this book filled with praise and worship songs which included a few hyms here and there. we started from page1 and started singing all those songs and hyms that were familiar to us with actions too! hahaha we got to the end of the book, and behold! christmas songs!!! haha we sang them too. in between songs we would recall some songs sang during mg monday morning chapel. surprisingly, only 2 of us were aware that some songs existed. goodness! it was as if those songs were strictly MG ONLY.

songs like...

"who's the king of the jungle... ooo ooo, who's the king of the sea...bubble bubble bubble...who's the king of the universe and who's the king of me, i tell u..J-E-S-U-S...YES! he's the king of me, he's the king of the universe, the jungle and the sea...bubble bubble bubble, ooo ooo!"


"we're god's family, god's children...lift up ur voice, we're gods family gods children let us rejoice...united in the spirit, united in the sun...we'll be 1 4 ever...1 in the lord."

"choowe choowe choowe choowe ooomm baba aiyayayayayaya" x2 (can't remember the words, but what a song!)

AHHHH! i miss mg morning chapel. nothing can beat mg chapel! it had spirit!
on monday mornings, you could feel all the voices filling the auditorium... it felt like a bomb waiting to explode..picture the atomic bomb and its mushroom shaped cloud...something to that effect. plus it was one voice... everyone sang together! super good!

kk... after all the singing, tsuiman and i took some rest... and what did the aaron, nick, michael and eddie do? hmmm they TRIED to try out singapore's bleah pft. hilarious! i fell to the ground, laughing... and owww pain!

The lighting was just right at 10:48:00 am

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