Daisy Cheng
Photographers are recorder keepers for God.
Wednesday, August 18, 2004
woah! 3rd entry for the day..and all within a few hours.

i want to mention that the uni printing services were a bit gong! today... the printer was printing at a speed of 1 page per 10 seconds...so slow...i couldn't wait any longer..so i left the place, without my notes in hand.

oh! and ac shirts are so bright...even after like maybe 10 years they still stand out. i was walking in uni the other day...and from a distance there was this guy wearing yellow..then hahahaha... i took a closer look..and haha it was an ac shirt with the crest and all. the guy who was wearing it didn't look very ac-fied... he actually looked like some old guy planning to study for his whole entire life.

The lighting was just right at 11:11:00 pm

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