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Wednesday, September 01, 2004
i walked home by myself today. (sorry ys for chasing u off to the library)

i needed peace, i needed time to myself, i needed to just be alone. i think that's one aspect i miss about singapore, i had places all to myself. i'm confusing, one side of me just likes to be alone, away from the people and the stresses of everyday life... the other, just likes the company of my friends and family. however, i do prefer the latter because its a healthier and more blessed one. if i was back home and singapore idol was showing on the tv...i'd bet i would be squashed in between both my parents laughing at the contestants... oh no! signs of homesickness...not good not good at all. ahhhh! (i went out of point)

dumdidum... well! i can't wait for the mid-semester break..because its confirmed the troops are marching down to adelaide on the 17th and arriving on the 18th. translation? starting from the oldest... my gong gong, my ah ma, my uncle, my auntie, my daddy, my mummy and my cousin are coming to visit me!!! i'm so happy! my grandparents have said countless of times that adelaide is a beautiful city... but the hahahahaha they've never ever ever been to adelaide... so for the first time in their lives after 40 years or more ago after making the decision to send my dad and uncle over to study in beautiful adelaide... they're finally going to see it! see what postcards do to pple. haha

so i was missing my family...when joe rang the doorbell..so i stopped blogging. and here i am back in front of my computer... goodness! that guy is crazy... he came to our house to return the SD card reader to michelle... later knocks my door and starts surfing through the blog links..and we had a discussion about blog designs and stuff..blah blah blah... he goes out..sees the rest of the house in a mess and starts cleaning the place up...plus re-arranges the furniture... and i thought domestic help in australia was expensive... turns out its free, u just have to make the right friends. hehe :P

about the apartment...my favourite spot in the house has to be my room.

it isn't the neatest room around... but its much better than the dump outside. imagine my room before the photos were taken. hehe.. it was much much much worse... piles of stuff everywhere...heh! the first 2 photos showcase my study area as well as my slack area... the posters above (don't ask me why i got them) include che guevara and this black and white photo of a couple kissing in new york...under it reads 'war's end kiss, new york city 1945'... that one! blame it on me for being such a romantic (yah bleah! i know). my bed...i totally hate the bed frame... i had to settle for this black one because the one i wanted was out of stock..and the big red heart was given to me by clara for valentines day this year..its so nice to hug!!! and again i have posters at the side... the first one is quite obvious...its a photo of muhammad ali..no! i don't like his body!!! guys here have been teasing me about it... urghhh! i just like what's written on it... it reads 'float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.' ... if u are a guy and u are reading this..and if u still think i like muhammad ali's body... than ahhhh! the poster is quite scary at night ok! i sleep with the blanket over me hahaha! oh than the other poster... its another black and white photo of new york city in the 1940s i think... old photos are just super nice!

speaking of photos... uni is having student elections now for the union..there are banners everywhere, irritating pple who bug u to vote for them and overall this feeling of competition in the air... the place is running wild! i was walking really slow and thinking when suddenly i told mich that i needed a kick ass camera!(a good camera)... the feeling i got from all the pressure surrounding campus was just so strong...the sky was gloomy, the sunlight was still strong..it was just a place with a good photo opportunity!!!
oh i just hate it when there's a nice photo to be taken and my camera is not with me... whenever i walk along the streets by myself... i don't walk in one straight line... i think pple think i'm weird or something but i tend to look up at the trees, the buildings, the clouds...sometimes tilting my head to one side..and thinking to myself what a nice photo it would have been...IF I JUST BROUGHT MY CAMERA ALONG WITH ME!!! and today was just one day. than there was this semi-circle rainbow which faded away just as i specially ran out of my warm cosy room to take the photo... all i got was this patch of a bright mixture of colours in the sky.

and today is the first day of spring... still very cold..but the flowers on the trees are starting to appear...pretty! oh! and its teachers' day today!!! i so want to go back to singapore and say hi to all the teachers which have built me up..and thank them at the same time. sigh.

this is such an ultra long entry...a messy one too.. ah! and i had breakfast for dinner tonight... there wasn't any food in the house..so i had 1 cup of juice, 2 slices of cheese and 2 uncle toby yoghurt bars...it could have been worst! everyone! this is the secret to losing weight...hahaha

ok roomie can't wait to read this entry so i shall end here.

The lighting was just right at 7:50:00 pm

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